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Aircraft Costs Tool

Calculate reported aircraft costs by airline. This tool uses DOT's Form 41 table P5.2 for costs and table T2 for a per-unit number. Cost per block hour, ASM/RPM, departure, etc can all be calculated with up to 6 comparisons.

Data Available:
Q1 2000 - Q2 2018

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Traffic Summaries

Collection of reported traffic by airline, aircraft, and region. Find detailed information on available seat miles, departures performed, block hours, ton-miles, and more. Export all quarters back to Q1 2000 into Excel and run your own analysis.

Data Available:
Q1 2000 - Q2 2018

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Industry Insights

Keep up to date with industry insights using data. As analysis is completed, this collection of articles will showcase the power of using free DOT data through the tools.


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